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EduMatch Foundation, Inc. is providing mini-grants to support the grassroots projects of educators and students located in the United States.  These grants will be awarded on a one-time basis, until funds are depleted.

These mini-grants will be offered on a one-time basis, not exceeding $1500 per project. Grants will be awarded based on availability of funds.  All submissions are due by November 1, 2021.

The application is comprised of six steps based on a design thinking framework:

  1. Define the Problem: What is your big idea?

  2. Brainstorm Possible Solutions: What do you plan to make, create, or do to address the need identified in Step One?  

  3. Research Ideas/Explore Possibilities: What similar projects may be out there?  How have they addressed this need?  Where is there room for improvement? 

  4. Specify Constraints: What obstacles may be in your way to achieving your goal?  

  5. Consider Alternatives: How might you overcome these obstacles?  Figure out as many possibilities as you can.

  6. Select an Approach: Given the information from steps 1-5, please provide the specifics of what you plan to do with your mini-grant funding, should you receive it.

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